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Having Sidewalk Puddling Problems?

A universal city problem in older neighborhoods is sidewalk puddling that can create dangerous ice patches in the winter and annoying puddles during rainy times.

A simple solution for sidewalk puddling and many other property water problems is Rain Gardens!  

In this photo you can see an example of a very effective yet simple Rain Garden called a "Crescent Swale." It consists of a crescent shaped bed that is gradually sloped from the sidewalk grade to 6 inch depth, 3 feet away from the sidewalk into your parkway or front yard (depending on the slope of the pooling water sidewalk), and can use plants you may already have in your garden, like daylilies or hostas. This particular crescent swale got rid of the client's winter frost-freeze cycle sidewalk ice by effectively managing approx. 75 gallons of water coming off the 20' x 6' public sidewalk.

After careful evaluation of the problem you can calculate the amount of roof run-off you have with the reliable and helpful Rain Garden Alliance Calculator to help you create a Rain Garden of your own!

If you'd like some assistance in figuring how to solve your water problem, you can schedule a consultation with the Spirited Gardener who would be happy to help.