Video Archive

The Spirited Gardener: Television Promo

This is the promo video for the TV show Julia produced in 2008. This aired on Chicago's WTTW and has since produced several videos for YouTube on why to garden.

The Spirited Gardener: Is your garden for the birds?

This piece embodies a talk from Douglas W. Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens.

The Spirited Gardener: IDNR Design Charette

This piece is a summary of a Sustainable Landscaping Brainstorming session that Julia participated in at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

plansJulia, thank you for your consultation on our landscape design. As a DIY'er, I often feel I have to do all the research myself on any project I take on. Having seen the results of your sustainable and native designs on local garden walks, I was very happy to learn that you were willing to work with me in a consultative manner. Landscape design is and should be a slow process to allow plants to take and for the overall landscape to evolve. Your advice on our initial planning was valuable in setting the direction and priorities for our landscape. I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship and the advice I know you will provide to help me create a unique and enjoyable space on my property that emphasizes sustainability and practicality.
Carl K.