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"You can learn a lot of things from the flowers, for especially in the month of June, there's a wealth of happiness and romance, in the Golden Afternoon."  Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Landscaping & Garden Design Services

Concept to Completion and Beyond

We excel at creating new landscapes relevant to your ecological area, adapting new build or rehab sites to maximize natural beauty and utilize the power of rainwater management.

Consultations for Property Owners

Getting acquainted with a new landscape?  Wanting to reconnect with the natural world and up your ecological game plan for your land? We can assist. Book a consultation

Evolutionary Landscaping & Stewardship 

When you become a part of our Network of Eco-functional yards, we can assist at different phases working with you to steward and manage the evolution of your garden.

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We called the Spirited Gardener when bigger and bigger rains started bringing water into our house. Now we have two beautiful rain gardens filled with native plants that not only keep our basement dry, but also reduce our landscaping water use and provide a sheltering and nutrient-rich habitat for bees, butterflies, and birds. We couldn't be happier.
 Lisa M. - Evanston, IL

 Eco(fun)ctional Blog

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Efforts to restore a greater diversity of ecosystems to our region are afoot.  Spirited Gardener has joined this effort by aiding our clients' desires to become a part of this larger network.

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The Spirited Gardener Team

The Spirited Gardener Team
As Spirited Gardeners, we believe gardens are more than just plots of land; they are vibrant canvases where nature, humanity, and spirit intertwine. Our philosophy is rooted in cultivating harmonious relationships – between ourselves and the earth, between homeowner and gardener, and within the delicate dance of our local ecology.

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