2022 Two-fer 

Pollinator Gardens + Rain Gardens = Rooting for our Environment!

This year we plan to expand our collaboration with clients to produce more beautiful, Eco-functional Gardens that can also help manage rain water. The Spirited Gardener's list of pollinator and bird supportive yards and grounds continues to expand.  We are collaborating successfully with our clients and several companies in the area to provide garden installation and stewardship for the gardens we design with our clients. (Lawn mowing not included..we are gardeners).  
Education for our client's to deepen their understanding of the plants they have growing in their yards and their relationships to Nature (ie ecologically relevant native plants of our region) is a top priority. Spirited Gardener is focused on providing design, consultation and project management for our clients and creating more space for pesticide-free, living landscapes.

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2020 Rain Garden Client Collaboration

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