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Rain Garden Presentations Available

Every year since 2014, Spirited Gardener has had the opportunity to share the concepts of Rain Gardens with different civic groups and residents of the region: Wild Ones West, Montrose Metra Community Gardens, and the Emily Oaks Nature Center to name a few.
In August of 2016 already, Lake Michigan's water level had returned to "Normal for the Region" in less than two years. Experts say that Lake Michigan rose more than 3 feet since January 2013! So as a homeowner, how do you cope with this record level of rainfall while simultaneously preparing your landscape for the drier years that could come cycling back into our region in the future? Rain Gardens are the perfect answer to this dilemma!
Very local "flooding" problems can create dangerous winter passage on sidewalks or for some chronic wet basements in times of large rain events (2" or more) .  By grading, directing, infiltrating and allowing for overflow to move in wise ways that water can be managed to utilize "Nature's Free Eco-system Services".

Click Here to inquire about having your organization, garden club or civic group in the Chicagoland region host this practical and informative workshop we can gear to your audiences' needs.  Or you can contact if you want a consultation with the Spirited Gardener to look at resolving your Rain water challenges.

In other Spirited news:
We're focusing on consulting, eco-functional design and project management with an emphasis on spreading the word, that what we choose to plant, makes a difference for health of our local ecology!